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College Lecture


AMP College Consulting

One-On-One Navigation through the

College Application Process

About Me: Anne Thomas

My twenty-three years of experience as a school counselor at the high school level has provided me the opportunity to
witness students succeed at various levels throughout South Florida. AP/AICE (GCE AS/A Level courses)/Dual Enrollment are areas of curriculum I have worked with for over two decades. 

Every student is unique.  I am amazed at the thousands of students I have assisted through the post-secondary process: Some are set for ivy league institutions. Some choose to serve in the Armed Forces and our prestigious Military Academies.
Many attend four year public or private universities; two year colleges or vocational/technical programs. Hundreds are continuing as college athletes.  There is no one size fits all.  I am proud for each student who earns a standard high school diploma and enters the workforce. My goal is for every student to work at their potential and create options later in life.


My dedication to the educational profession began at a young age. By fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. When I was a high school student, I was enrolled in an early childhood education certification program and started working with preschool aged children during my junior and senior year of high school. I was employed full-time at a child care center  immediately after my high school graduation. While attending college full-time and working the 2pm-10pm shift at the daycare, I continued to work with children at the middle and eventually high school level. My commitment to my profession does not stop at the end of the school day. For over ten years, I was an online adjunct university facilitator, in which I was able to advance my teaching skills to the adult level. I am a dedicated, hard worker who is passionate about the educational profession and assisting your child navigate through this process. From my experience and dedication, I hope to inspire students to work towards their short and long term goals.

I earned my Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership through the University of Phoenix (2011). My graduate and undergraduate degrees were earned at Florida Atlantic University.  My Master's degree is in Education: School Counseling and my BA with a focus in English Literature and a Certificate in Ethnic Studies.  My undergrad experience and years of teaching English/Langauge Arts at the middle, high, and collegiate levels provide me the skills to assist your student through the essay writing process.   I know the pressure and stress placed on your student and family.  I have three children:  ages 26, 20, and 15 and I've experienced the process as a parent too.   I am a Florida Certified Educator in the areas of School Counseling, English 6-12, Civics Literacy, English Speakers of Other Languages, and Driver's Education. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your child. 



Our Services

C.A.M.P. 9th-11th

College Advising: Maximizing Potential

(plus senior year) 
(Payment plan: 5 session min.)

Why add stress to the final year of high school? 

With this package, up to 20-hourly sessions to review annual course selection, semester grades, summer opportunities, volunteering, internships, essay building, and extracurricular activities. Scholarship searches.

Some offline hours are incorporated  (within the 20 one hour sessions)  depending on research/survey needs specific to the client.

Build your resume as you go and feel less pressure senior year!


12th Grade Senior Package-3 hours min.

3-one hour sessoins

Common App/Coalition Guidance and Application Review

Resume and Essay Review.

This is not a comprehensive list of institutions or surveys specific to one client, which requires additinal billing hours (offline and online). 


Seniors-Nov. 1 and Done

45-mins. $350 

If your Senior does it all independently and just wants a once look over of application and essay (skim) review

This service will be available for non-package clients

 in the month of October.

Limited  to ONE- 45 minute session. 

Essay must be provided 72 hours prior to scheduled meeting. This is NOT comprehensive nor can additional hours be added.

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